IJRME – Volume 5 Issue 3 Paper 4


Author’s Name :  K P Vetrivel | S Nareshkumar

Volume 05 Issue 03  Year 2018  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 13 -16



This project deals with the study on mechanical properties of aluminium based fly ash and graphite reinforced hybrid metal matrix composites. The reinforcing particulate of MMC’s varies as 3%, 6% and 9% Fly ash with 3% Graphite (constant) each by weight and the magnesium was added 2% by weight for increasing wettability of pure Aluminium. The Stir casting method is employed to fabricate the composite, in which the reinforced particulates are poured in the molten aluminium (LM25) and stirred by motor for uniform mixing before poured into moulds. The produced composite are subjected to hardness test, tensile test are compared with pure Aluminium (LM25). It was found that hardness increase with the addition of fly ash content. The tensile strength goes to decreases with a content of fly ash.


Aluminum LM25, Fly ash, Graphite, Hardness, Stir casting ,Tensile strength


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