IJRME – Volume 5 Issue 3 Paper 6


Author’s Name :  Chaudhari Mehul P | Prof J M Patel

Volume 05 Issue 03  Year 2018  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 20-22



Radiator plays vital role in engine cooling. It is used to cool the engine. Car radiator is a heat exchanger which is used for cooling of car engines. Now a days Straight tubes heat exchangers are used in car radiator but helical tube heat exchanger has better advantages than straight tube or shell and type heat exchangers like it can accommodate a large heat transfer area in a small space, with high heat and mass transfer coefficients, also it has compact structure. In this paper, a comprehensive literature on the thermal behaviour of helical tubes in car radiator have been compiled and reviewed. Latest up to date literatures in terms of PhD and master thesis, Journal articles, conference proceedings have been reviewed. This paper aims to review some of these researches and compare the results obtained in previous studies.


Helical Tubes, Car Radiator, Heat Transfer Enhancement


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