Peer Review

Peer Review:

Main Objective of Research Script is to provide  scientifically valid, Non- plagiarized and High qualified paper. Peer reviewing have been implemented in Research script to access the quality of manuscript and to impart best research practices for publication .

Once manuscript is submitted by authors, acknowledgement  will be sent to the respective authors by the technical committee. Simultaneously, the manuscript shall be reviewed by the reviewers committee impartially. Recommendations ,alterations  and comments shall be sent to the editors. The Editor will made the final decision based on technical reviews received.If manuscript is accepted ,Technical committee shall be notified to the author with reviewers comment . Accepted paper will be sent for Publication in current issues. Rejected authors can new article for future issue.

Why Peer Reviewing?
Peer Reviewed journals are also known as scholarly or refereed journal. Peer Review is to scrutinize  the manuscript  in a research journal by Academicians. Reviewing impartially by academician committee  to encourage the authors to meet the standards in their discipline.

Peer Review includes:

  •     Unconditional acceptance of manuscript.
  •     Conditional acceptance of journals for alterations or rejection.
  •     Screening of manuscripts from unacceptable perception/ explanation, irrelevant analysis or oversights.
  •      Comment their view to the authors to validate the manuscript.